Happy Birthday!

Last night was my last night at Lake Hoare (we fly out in a few hours). It is quite sad to go, as the place and the people have really grown on me. We have a nice quiet camp right now, with just Sandra, Rae, Joel, and Becki, besides Hassan and I. I was in the lab all afternoon yesterday processing ice cores, but everyone else was apparently very busy inside, making me an amazing goodbye cake. It was truly a group effort, with Sandra making the cake and frosting it as a glacier, Rae adding Blood Falls with red food coloring, Joel adding a network of ablation stakes (including a horizontal cliff stake!), Becki contributing the blue ice of refrozen crevasses and cryoconite holes, and Hassan adding the infamous Explorer’s Cove Met Station out of wire with me standing behind it with my core barrel on my back. There also is a fantastic likeness of an unused human waste bucket I had strapped to the cliff behind my tent to collect water melting off the cliff face (the gray thing to the right of Blood Falls). I had no idea that the highlights of my 5 weeks here could be condensed onto a single cake, but they managed to pull it off (everything but the nachos).

Anyway, the cake was as tasty as it was narrative, and it was a very meaningful goodbye present. In fact, I think I am going to go have some more right now…


One Response to “Happy Birthday!”

  1. Dad & Mom says:

    I can’t believe you are leaving-the time went fast! That cake is a real tribute-I hope your real birthday in a little over a week is as special!