Laying on Warm Spit

We arrived at Lake Hoare today, and it feels like I never left. The timelessness of this type of traveling is strange, but it certainly makes it much easier – no wasted time adjusting or getting settled. It’s fun to see people again, and everyone told me congratulations and seemed very excited about the existence of Penelo. I don’t quite understand why, but I enjoy it because I get to talk about her and show pictures.

One big difference from last year is how amazingly warm it is here at this time of year. I spent most of the afternoon walking around and setting up my tent in my t-shirt. I’m sure there will be cold days, but being here midsummer will be a totally different experience than my previous seasons. The mild weather is quite nice, but the flipside is everything is wet. The other big difference is I chose a different tent site! This one is in the thick of things and has wonderful views in all directions out on Warm Spit.

It’s nice to finally be here – we will head up on Canada Glacier tomorrow already and scout out locations for all my experiments. Time for bed!

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