Almost famous, pt. 2

One of the more exciting events of late, other than Christmas, was the visit to Lake Hoare of one of the artists via the Antarctic Artist & Writers Program. Andrea Polli is a sound artist who made recordings of a whole variety of Antarctic noises while she was here, from the sounds of waterfalls off Canada Glacier to the noise of a gas-powered ice auger. One thing that was great about Andrea, as opposed to some of the other artists who have come through, is that she was genuinely interested in the details of all of our science projects. Another great thing was that she took a lot of nice hero shots of me using my FieldSpec 3 with my new hat on.

me and my toy me and my drill

She also worked with Hassan a lot recording, photographing, and videotaping various met. stations, and I believe her intent is to ’sonify’ that actual met. data – making wind speed one tone that varies as it’s windier or calmer, air temperature another tone, etc., something she has done with data from the Arctic.

While her work is not exactly front page news, it is still exciting to have her take an interest in our work. She has examples of her recordings on her blog at So for those of you not content in just seeing what Antarctica looks like, now you can find out what it sounds like. Apparently there is a recording of our cries of excitement as a helo flies away. Our internet connection is too slow to check it out, so let me know if I say anything stupid.

To everyone back home, have a wonderful Christmas!  Today was our recovery from a long day of cookie decorating, gingerbread house construction, ham eating, secret santa-ing, and general mayhem.  Though it’s hard to be away from family, this a very welcoming place to spend a holiday – and without the obnoxious ads and never ending holiday songs.  It was also probably warmer and sunnier than wherever you are.  I hope the big midwestern storms I read about have been manageable!

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