Trapped by Julie

I was supposed to leave Lake Hoare yesterday, but it will be at least tomorrow, if not later, before that happens. A large snowstorm, named ‘Julie’ for some reason beyond me, has been lumbering through the region. Here in the valley everything was dusted white yesterday, but most of that has melted and the winds have calmed. This is very nice place to be stranded, especially with the present company, but I’m very eager to get home to my family now that my research has concluded.

If the sun was out I could conduct some additional experiments. Of course, if the sun was out I could also go home. Since it is heavily overcast, we are left seeking other forms of passing the time, like watching movies, crossword puzzles (the Friday or Saturday NYT puzzles would have passed more time), and seeing what happens when you eat a lot of dried plums (not sure yet…).

The day before my scheduled departure, I got a farewell tour of all 3 major Dry Valleys to help Hassan with met station maintenance. It was really neat to see how different each valley is from the others, and we got to spend a lot of time in helicopters looking at cool stuff:


At the end of the day, I was treated to a wonderful oatmeal, chocolate chip, sweet, sweet cookie bar with a reproduction on top of my weir out of gingerbread as a going away celebration. It was oh-so-good, but left me with an odd sense of déjà vu:

this year last year

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